Pose tracking exercise libraries

Hey Community!

We are using the tensorflows js pose tracking technology and have a question.
Are/Is there any libraries/usable existing code out there which can track multiple fitness exercises (squats, pushups, situps, burpees, …)?

We have already programmed some exercises ourselves but as it takes a lot of time and our team was wondering if anybody already did something similar.

If somebody could help us in any way please answer here or contact me via (removed by moderator)

Welcome to the TensorFlow.JS community great to have you here!

Actually your question is very timely. We have a live interview with the creator of TeamSportz.pro on our TensorFlow.js community show and tell this Friday at 9AM PT. If you can join this stream I highly recommend it as he will also be live in the chat to answer any questions.

Learn more about the company here (they are using TensorFlow.js to do all of this):

We also have an example with Include Health that provide remote physiotherapy at scale. Some more details here (check the GIFs toward the end):

And of course come join the live stream in just a few days time:

We will have 6 new community demos 2 of which I think may be useful to your use case.