[Possble BUG] Model created with “TensorFlow Lite Model Maker Model” always returns empty output on iOS with “TensorFlowLiteTaskAudio 0.4.3”


I created a model using “TensorFlow Lite Model Maker” and it works fine on android, but when using it on ios (using pod “TensorFlowLiteTaskAudio”) it doesn’t work.
on iOS, when calling classify (a.k.a let results = try classifier.classify(audioTensor: inputAudioTensor) ) , then results.classifications[1].categories is always empty (in my case it was expected to output maximum of 5 values)

You can see more details here: Empty Output on iOS with “TensorFlowLiteTaskAudio 0.4.3” and “TensorFlow Lite Model Maker Model” · Issue #933 · tensorflow/tflite-support · GitHub

I’ve also created an open repo so you can reproduce this behavior: GitHub - ghashi/tensor-flow-lite-task-audio-poc: Example of code that reproduces a bug on iOS TensorFlowLiteTaskAudio

Is there a bug on the pod “TensorFlowLiteTaskAudio”? Or is there some special configuration that should be done on iOS when integrating a model generated by “TensorFlow Lite Model Maker”? Or should I change something when generating the model .tflite for iOS?