Problem with choosing bacis model to train custom model to object detecion on mobile devices (tf lite))

Hi everyone.

I’m a mobile app developer.

I need to prepare a model that searches for objects in a photo (on mobile devices).
I want to train the model on my own data. The final format is tensorflow lite.

I have not used tensorflow lite or any other technology to train/recognize images at all before.
I have a few questions:

  1. what initial model would you recommend? I have read about SSD and YOLO.
  2. would you recommend some resources to better understand the issues with training and image recognition?
  3. please evaluate this post Object Detection with TensorFlow Lite Model Maker ? Is EfficientDet better or worse than the SSD model? Objects that my target model after training is to recognize are climbing holds (different shapes, sizes). Can I use EfficientDet?