Problem with tensorflow in python

i can not import tensorflow into python 1.11.3
can some one help me?

Hi @jan_schuurman
The screenshot you shared reads pip install ten*ce*rflow

yes , that was stupid of me
i found this one on your forum
"pip install “tensorflow==2.12.0”
this worked

Successfully uninstalled tensorflow-1.8.0
Successfully installed gast-0.4.0 google-auth-oauthlib-1.0.0 jax-0.4.24 keras-2.12.0 numpy-1.23.5 scipy-1.12.0 tensorboard-2.12.3 tensorflow-2.12.0 tensorflow-estimator-2.12.0 tensorflow-intel-2.12.0

Hi @jan_schuurman ,

Since you are new to TensorFlow ,Please follow these TensorFlow tutorials for complete understanding and there are multiple examples on how to setup environment on different platforms, Which versions are compatible for your hardware , beginner notebooks as well.

TensorFlow install documentation
Github Official Model Garden
Pre-Trained models checkpoints and tutorials on object detection, image classification,instance segmentation,sematic segmentation to get started.

Hope this helps.