Python Binding for Stable Delegate Provider


I was trying to play around with tflite stable delegate api and get it works with benchmark_model, label_image also got it works with the nnstreamer (c++ based project).

But I am not sure how to get it works with python binding. I had gone through the code and found the python binding for now is not available for stable delegate which it implemented the load_delegate api with External Delegate interface.

Here are some questions for that:

  1. Does TF have the plan to get it works with python? when?
    • Or if there is someone done with that?
      (ain’t sure if I asked the question in the correct place lol )
  2. What should I do if there is no plan now for the stable-delegate+python binding? I mean,
    • How to contribute my implementation to the community?
    • What’s the process/rule I should follow?


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