Real-time object detection

Greetings everyone, I hope everyone is well in these difficult times. Now I have a question, I searched a lot to solve it but I am confused :smiley:. I have a real-time object detection project, which libraries and platforms would you recommend I use for this? thank you so much

Hi Tarik,

There are a couple of options but to help you better, what platform are you deploying this?

Are the model going to run on-device? on the browser? on a server over API?

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Yes, you’re right, the camera needs to detect it, actually, I don’t have many options for that. There is a phone and a laptop, so it will work on the device. What do I need to do with these :slight_smile: thank you very much

if you want to try on-device object detection, I’d follow this tutorial: Object Detection with TensorFlow Lite Model Maker

for way more information on this topic: Object Detection | On-Device ML  |  Google Developers

This last one will give you all the information you’ll need


really thank you so much,there is a lot of useful information,.I’m going from here

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