Recommenders Deep & Cross Network

Hello World,

I am currently in the middle of an internship project. I am doing a Recommender System and now I am developing a solution using Tensor Flow Recommenders.

As I have a large number of features for my products I decided to use the Deep & Cross Network Model, having adapted the code in the tutorials to my dataset.

I can currently run all the code, and it gives really good RMSE values, but I am struggling with adapting the code from the Retrieval Model tutorial to get recommendations from the DCN Model.

Is this DCN Model enough to provide recommendations? Do I need to fit it into another structure (User Model, Query Model, Product Model, Candidate Model)?

Basically all I want is to get recommendations from this, giving the User ID as an input. If anyone of you wants to help me I will compensate you.

Thank you in advance

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