Recompiling existing .tflite model to edgetpu.tflite model

Hi community, first, I am glad to have found this forum as it may well be my last chance of resolving some issues that I wish to resolve. Last year (Aug 2022 ) I used the ‘Figurine.Android’ colab notebook to create a number of custom .tflite models to work on my Raspberrypi. These all worked well - thanks to Khanh LeViet’s YouTube video and his colab notebook. Last week, I followed his last(?) video ‘Make object detection faster by using Coral’. The .edgetpu models that I downloaded, sadly, do not work. The Coral TPU workd with other available datasets, so there isn’t anything wrong with the hardware. The terminal outputs the following, ‘Segmentation error’. Has anyone succeeded in achieving the re-use of their existing 'tflite models and if so any help in achieving this would be most welcome.