Requested texture size [0x0] is invalid. on tfjs face-detection

I got this error when implemented face detection on video stream. I’v use webgl as a backend on tfjs

Uncaught (in promise) Error: Requested texture size [0x0] is invalid.
    at Module.validateTextureSize (webgl_util.ts:210:1)
    at createAndConfigureTexture (gpgpu_util.ts:57:1)
    at Module.createUnsignedBytesMatrixTexture (gpgpu_util.ts:129:1)
    at GPGPUContext.createUnsignedBytesMatrixTexture (gpgpu_context.ts:211:1)
    at TextureManager.acquireTexture (texture_manager.ts:77:1)
    at MathBackendWebGL.acquireTexture (backend_webgl.ts:1215:1)
    at MathBackendWebGL.uploadToGPU (backend_webgl.ts:1187:1)
    at MathBackendWebGL.getTexture (backend_webgl.ts:717:1)
    at Object.fromPixels [as kernelFunc] (FromPixels.ts:81:1)
    at kernelFunc (engine.ts:647:1)

The listener

    // console.log('detector started')
    if (this.detectorInterval === null) {
      this.detectorInterval = setInterval(async () => {
        await this.detect(video, canvas, onFaceDetected, onMultiFaceDetected);
      }, 100);

and detect function

async detect(input, canvas, onFaceDetected, onMultiFaceDetected) {
    const estimationConfig = { flipHorizontal: false };
    const faces = await this.detector.estimateFaces(input, estimationConfig);
    const ctx = canvas.getContext("2d");
    // console.log(faces)

    if (faces.length !== 0) onFaceDetected(true);
    else onFaceDetected(false);

    if (faces.length > 1) onMultiFaceDetected(true);
    else onMultiFaceDetected(false);

    requestAnimationFrame(() => drawFaces(faces, ctx));

The input(video) param is always have hight and weight but got that error Error: Requested texture size [0x0] is invalid. how to resolve the error? Thanks for your help :pray: