[Research 馃専] Google Research: Themes from 2021 and Beyond - Google AI Blog post

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A few themes:

路 Trend 1: More Capable, General-Purpose ML Models
路 Trend 2: Continued Efficiency Improvements for ML
路 Trend 3: ML Is Becoming More Personally and Communally Beneficial
路 Trend 4: Growing Benefits of ML in Science, Health and Sustainability
路 Trend 5: Deeper and Broader Understanding of ML

ML models are increasingly prevalent in many different products and features at Google because their power and ease of expression streamline experimentation and productionization of ML models in performance-critical environments. Research into model architectures to create Seq2Seq, Inception, EfficientNet, and Transformer or algorithmic research like batch normalization and distillation is driving progress in the fields of language understanding, vision, speech, and others

Other work:

research publications by area below or by year (and if you鈥檙e interested in quantum computing, our Quantum team recently wrote a retrospective of their work in 2021):