Reshape error in ssd_mobilent_v3 object detection model in TensorflowLite Micro

Hi team,

We have trained the ssd_mobilenet_v3 object detection model on VOC dataset and exported the model as .tflite file which I have attached below. When running the model, We’re facing an error in the reshape operator as shown below:

.reshape.cpp:70 num_input_elements != num_output_elements (126 != 21)
.reshape.cpp:70 num_input_elements != num_output_elements (126 != 21)
.reshape.cpp:77 ReshapeOutput(context, node) != kTfLiteOk (1 != 0)
Node RESHAPE (number 147f) failed to prepare with status 1
AllocateTensors() failed
Failed initializing model

When we looked into the model using model tool, we think this is the node.

How to solve this error? Please guide us. Thanks in Advance.


Ramson Jehu K