ResolutionImpossible error

I am trying to download the packages for the tutorial (Model Maker Image Classification Tutorial URL: Model Maker Image Classification Tutorial - Colaboratory ( and i am hitting an error that i cant seem to solve on the first section, and i dont seem to be able to find s solution, the error is…

ERROR: Cannot install tflite-model-maker==0.1.2, tflite-model-maker==0.2.0, tflite-model-maker==0.2.1, tflite-model-maker==0.2.2, tflite-model-maker==0.2.3, tflite-model-maker==0.2.4, tflite-model-maker==0.2.5, tflite-model-maker==0.3.3, tflite-model-maker==0.3.4, tflite-model-maker==0.4.0, tflite-model-maker==0.4.1, tflite-model-maker==0.4.2 and tflite-model-maker==0.4.3 because these package versions have conflicting dependencies.
ERROR: ResolutionImpossible: for help visit Dependency Resolution - pip documentation v24.0.dev0

Some solutions seem to indicate to downgrade Python but i don’t see any option on how to do that

Any help would be brilliant as i am trying to use this in my final school project

To resolve the ResolutionImpossible error with tflite-model-maker, try the following steps:

1.	Create a New Virtual Environment: Use virtualenv to create a clean environment and install tflite-model-maker there.
2.	Install the Latest Version: Run pip install tflite-model-maker in the new environment to get the latest version.
3.	Specify a Compatible Version: If you know a specific version that works, install it using pip install tflite-model-maker==[version].
4.	Check Python Version: Ensure your Python version is compatible with the tflite-model-maker version you’re installing.
5.	Use Legacy Resolver: Try using pip’s legacy resolver with pip install --use-deprecated=legacy-resolver tflite-model-maker.
6.	Consult Documentation/Community: Look for known issues or guidance in the official documentation or community forums.

Have you been able to actually install tflite-model-maker using any of those steps? I am finding that it won’t install on Colab, and also fails on an Ubuntu machine with updated software and plenty of RAM.

I’ve not I just used the image classification tutorial on google colab that works for me