Screen going black when using tensorflow with gpu

So I downloaded tensorflow using this with gpu support. I did everything as suggested and it worked fine. But then I started to notice that my screen would randomly go black and not respond. So, I just by a hunch deleted wsl2 and I wasn’t facing this issue anymore. I have literally no idea what is going on. I have a ASUS TUF A15 with RTX 3050. Any help will be appreiciated. Thanks.

Hi @Zeldi_kun, Could you please provide details about the tensorflow, cuda version you have installed ?

As you said you have deleted wsl2 and wasn’t facing this issue, in this case if you are using tf version >2.10 the tensorflow will not detect gpu because 2.10 was the last TensorFlow release that supports GPU on native-Windows.

Thank You.

I downloaded tensorflow 2.12 and the correct cuda version in wsl2. I am not using windows native. What i don’t understand is why tensorflow causing this problem