Segmentation Fault

Hello everyone!
I am getting segmentation fault message at the end of a script. I am doing very basic tensorflow operations like matrix multiplication. The code executes properly and prints the output, but I get this message at the end. While running the same code in the python interpreter, I do not get any error.
What could be the problem here? I am using a linux system with Tensorflow 2.6.2 and python 3.6.


Welcome to the Tensorflow Forum,

Segmentation faults may occur due to out of bound errors or Illegal memory access errors.

The code executes properly and prints the output before the segmentation fault, it is possible that the issue lies outside of the Tensorflow operations.

Could you please share standalone code to debug issue further?

Thank you!

@chunduriv Thank you for your response. This error only happens while running tensorflow operations in a script. There is no error while running other python operations using any other packages. I am runnig a very simple code:

import tensorflow as tf

x = tf.constant(1)

Though in a small code all the operations are executed and output is printed but in a big model the script interrupts as soon as a tf operations is executed with a message segmentation fault.



Could you please check with the latest Tensorflow (2.12) and let us know?

Thank you!