SIG Build December Meeting: December 7 @ 2pm

SIG Build’s next meeting will be tomorrow, Tuesday, December 7, at 2pm Pacific time. Find the meeting details at, and feel free to suggest new agenda items.

One of the big discussion topics will be the Docker containers, which are discussed here: Adopting Open-Source Dockerfiles for Official tf-nightly CI

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Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday. Here’s a summary of the biggest topics:

  • Next month’s meeting will be January 11th. I have not moved the calendar slot yet.
  • We discussed the Docker containers. Notable points: @angerson will work on a public roadmap; there are some permissions-related tests that should not exist; GPU passthrough isn’t working right now; the resulting wheels do seem to be the same; there are many issues with cache misses that we know about but are low priority.
  • DevInfra is aware of Numpy’s Python 3.7 deprecation plans and need to discuss with the TF product team about what we’re going to do.
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One more point (thanks @mihaimaruseac ):

  • The branch cut for TF 2.8 is on Dec 16th. The final release will occur near end of January and will be accompanied by patch releases to TF 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7. around a similar date. We will have a clearer view of the final release dates on the next SIG BUILD.