SIG Build June Meeting: June 8th @ 2pm (delayed a week)

SIG Build’s next meeting will be on Tuesday, June 8th, at 2pm Pacific time. Find the meeting details here. Please feel free to suggest your own agenda items.

Normally the meeting would be on June 1st, but that’s right after Memorial Day, so @perfinion and I decided to move it a week later.

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The meeting is happening tomorrow, on Tuesday the 8th! Find the meeting details, how to join, and agenda here.

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Thanks to everyone who attended this meeting. Here’s a summary of the big discussion points:

  • Microsoft and TensorFlow will be looking into whether or not Microsoft can adopt some of the TensorFlow builds on Windows, which could improve QoL for Windows TensorFlow users.
  • Contributor Experience has gotten some more internal prioritization, which is a good sign for progress on various SIG Build tools.
  • SIG Build dockerfiles can build manylinux2010-compatible images with little effort. I am looking into using them to build the tf-nightly packages.

Our next meeting will be July 13th at 2pm PST.