Starting Contributing to Tensorflow docs

Hello Everyone in the Community!!
Actually I am new to Tensorflow , but dedicated to start contribute in it.
So I thought to start with it’s documentation .
Can anyone tell where to start in it ??



Welcome to the Tensorflow Forum,

Please refer to Contribute to the TensorFlow documentation.

Thank you!


Recently I read & followed instructions as mentioned in ‘Contribute to the TensorFlow documentation’ but I am not getting that how will I bring colab notebooks saved in my local system to Google Colab,

  • I have one option that I first upload it to Google Drive and then import it to Colab → But then the changes will not be reflected in the notebook saved in my local system.
  • Please help me out :slight_smile:

Hi @Divyansh_Gupta Did you follow the steps/instructions in the Interactive notebooks?

@tagoma → Thank you for your response
I read it again → Please tell one more thing that
Do I have to work like this →
First I have to load notebooks in my forked repo to Google Colab →
then make the necessary changes in it → save it in my local system →
then commit it from my git repository and push it to my repo → then make pull requests
Is in This way I have to follow??