Streamline your ML training workflow with Vertex AI

Karl Weinmeister and I co-authored this blog post that discusses important concepts in Vertex AI [1]. It also shows you how to run a simple TensorFlow training job using Vertex AI.

It’s really nice to see how well TensorFlow integrates with Google Cloud. First, there’s AI Platform. Second, there’s Vertex AI that provides simpler APIs with more flexibility. Third, there’s TensorFlow Cloud. It’s even nicer that TFX can fit into most of these workflows.

[1] Vertex AI  |  IA Vertex  |  Google Cloud


Great post Sayak!

There’s also this great one about using #TFHub models with Vertex AI for inference:

I’m very happy on how easy it is to create a rest API.
What do you think?


Thank you for sharing this. Loved reading this.

I really like the way even these things are getting easier day by day for anyone to pick up.

Loving Vertex AI’s unified offerings.


yes, that’s really cool!

Next week I’ll try your post, it’s on my TODO list!