Tensor Flow Installation Issue (inference.so)

Hello community,
Very embarrassing question but after hours of research and banging my head against the wall I’m at the point where I want to give up.
Windows 11
Python 3.11.6
Tensorflow 2.15.0
Tensorflow_decision_forests 1.8.1

Using IntelliJ with pointing to the Python directory (non-VE).
When I try to import the tensorflow_decision_forest in python I get the below error:

WARNING:root:Failure to load the inference.so custom c++ tensorflow ops. This error is likely caused the version of TensorFlow and TensorFlow Decision Forests are not compatible. Full error:F:\DevTools\Python311\Lib\site-packages\tensorflow_decision_forests\tensorflow\ops\inference\inference.so not found

The file is there. I checked multiple times. The python path is env. variables.
I uninstalled and re-installed probably 20 times. Everything looks clean and right.
This makes no sense to me. Please help


Hey, I have the same issue.
Did you solve it?

The “tensorflow_decision_forest” package does not support windows, please use windows subsystem for linux as a workaround.

source: Known Issues  |  TensorFlow Decision Forests

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I have the same issue. @davidkra230 Could you elaborate on how to use window subsystem for linux as a work around? Thanks.

I have found out how to set up WSL here: TensorFlow را با پیپ نصب کنید. There are still some warnings like “TF-TRT Warning: Could not find TensorRT” and “Your kernel may have been built without NUMA support.” Not sure if these warnings will become an issue but so far GPU and tensorflow_decision_forests are bother working.