Tensorboard compatibility with IPadOS

Hi everyone, thanks in advance for your support, it means a lot to me.
I’m quite a newborn on Tensorboard and I work on AWS. I was able to launch a Tensorboard dashboard through an Amazon SageMaker notebook instance. This dashboard visualizes in a 3D space embeddings related to telemetry data from a driving simulator that have a semantic meaning in terms of aggressiveness KPI. Anyways, the problem is the following: the Tensorboard dashboard is reachable on a given URL: https://…/proxy/6006/ and loads correctly from my MacBook Air on Chrome browser. Now this dashboard, both with other dashboards made on Amazon QuickSight, shall be shown in a relevant company event on an IPad Pro, but when inserting the URL on Chrome on the Ipad, the Tensorboard dashboard loads correctly but remains empty, not showing any data. So same browser configurations, and also same network settings, but the problem remains. I found really poor documentation on the Internet and found myself really stuck in this problem for last few days. Any advice or clarification would be really appreciated guys. Thank you really much.