Tensorflow 2.14 and Cuda 12 status

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I have CUDA 12 installed, and I am using Tensorflow 2.13, but apparently, it does not support CUDA 12, and it cannot detect GPU. I am not able to downgrade or install additional libraries, which has been mentioned in previous posts.

Is there any news about when exactly we have the 2.14 version and if it supports 12.x versions, too?

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Nightly moved to CUDA 12 a few days ago. See commit 3de4416.

You can try to use latest tf-nightly for immediate use-case and it will make available from TF 2.15.

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@chunduriv thank you so much!

I just tested Tensorflow 2.15.0rc0 with CUDA 12.3 on WSL2 and it is working without issue. To note, you can build other versions (I have done 2.12-2.14) from source targeting CUDA 12, and they will also work.

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What’s the TensorFlow version work with CUDA Version: 12.4?

NO one here
[Créer à partir de la source  |  TensorFlow](https://version website TensorFlow page)