TensorFlow 2.15 has been released!

Hi everyone,

TensorFlow 2.15 has been released to the OSS community! Highlights include:

  • Upgrade to CUDA 12.2, enabling TensorFlow to run optimally on H100 GPUs
  • New installation method for NVIDIA CUDA libraries for Linux
  • Full availability of tf.function types
  • Upgrade to Clang 17.0.1

The full release notes can be found here.


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Thank you. Are there plans to start again supporting TF GPU version for native Windows in the future? It is big issue for me. Thank you.

Hello, thanks for your question. There are currently no plans for supporting TF GPU on Windows natively. Here’s some related info on GitHub, which hopefully you will find to be helpful: Please bring back native Windows CUDA support! · Issue #59918 · tensorflow/tensorflow · GitHub


Thank you. That Tensorflow GPU ceased to be supported on native Windows is VERY annoying from my perspective, e.g. employer’s company runs on Windows and IT is reluctant to installing new applications / customizing base system to specific users’ needs.