I’ve installed Tensorflow[and cuda] 2.15.0 post1 which was released today . using wsl and a separate environment. While I have access to my GPU through Tensorflow I can not access Keras. lt crashes the system. Don’t know how to proceed

installed within wsl and in an environment called tf. I Have access to MY GPU, but cannot import Keras,
system crashes.

Note the hotfix was released today.
not sure how to proceed.
Machine is windows 11

Hi @Alfred_Aita, Could you please try to install keras-core using !pip install keras-core and try to import keras using import keras_core as keras. Thank You.

Hello Kiran. Your post reminded me that I did not install keras after installing tensorflow[and_cuda]. I was relying on keras within tensor2.15 [and cuda].
I now installed keras3 which is ~ keras-core. Every thing is working now.
Thank you.