Tensorflow and macos

hey guys, i’m currently starting to learn neural networks and of course decided to install tensorflow. i got a m2 mac and a lot of ml programmers that i know told me that it would be a huge headache to work with tensorflow on mac, which seems weird to me as it has relatively good gpu that tf can use… some also said that it’s even difficult to install the library. well, i’m always ready to use google cloud, i am not going to train some extremely large datasets, i’m just learning. so if it’s that bad?

Hi @bbd03,

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Good to know you wanna explore about TensorFlow. Please refer to this TF install official page to install TensorFlow in your system. You can also have a look at this TensorFlow tutorial to have a better understanding of TensorFlow model buildings which have been described in an interactive way in this doc. All these models can be executed using Google Colab attached on top of these tutorial documents.

Please let us know if this helps. Thank you.