Tensorflow build and train model with C++ API

Hi dear developers! This is my first day of using tensorflow and i am really new to this library. Today i successfully compile the library with vcpkg (with the following command: vcpkg install tensorflow-cc:x64-windows-static)., and now i want to learn how to make an object detection model with C++ tensorflow, train that model and use it in my project? My goal is to take a bunch of pictures with faces (with face mask) and (without face mask) and make a trained model and after i want to make a face mask detection with openCV and tensoflow.

Could anybody give me a hand with that task and let to know from wich point to start? Where to find C++ code examples and is there any GUI for constructing building and training tensorflow models?

Just to give you an example of a pipeline take a look at:

I don’t know why you need to use C++ but generally you will train in python then you could use your model with TF directly or on different targets exporting on TFLite (mobile, embedded) , TFMicro (microcontrollers), TFJS (browser).