Tensorflow certification exam "Unexpected Error"

I took the exam and got 5/5 for others but for the (Removed by Moderator), Initially, I uploaded the wrong model by mistake, and it gave an error “Unexpected Error”. I knew that was wrong. Then I uploaded the correct models but the error remained the same for the entire exam, wasting all the time.

The model was validating well, it was giving a good result when I tested it. I tried to contact support no response. Toward the end, I could not even submit the model. I was not even sure whether to restart or not as I thought it would end the exam.

As per this: Tensorflow 2.9 will be used for the exam but when the exam started it was 2.10.0

Could someone in Tensorflow org please check the emails that I sent, I am not sure they even work?

It’s really been a bad experience going for the exam.

Please do something

I wrote the exam today and got the same error. Could someone please let me know if there is any issue here? I have sent them emails but didn’t get a response either!

Still haven’t gotten any response. Not sure what to do. :disappointed:.

Hi, Did you get any updates?

@mojo_mxc I didn’t get a response for that. But I got another email saying that I passed the Certification from TrueAbility, but initially, they said I failed after taking the test.

You had any updates @mojo_mxc ?

Yes, but I had to rewrite the exam. If anyone is getting the error, just upload the best model with good accuracy and contact TensorFlow support, they will verify it. the mistake I made was in an attempt to get at least 1/5, I kept uploading the model with low accuracy. Just ignore the error, upload the correct model, and make sure the input and output shapes are correct.