Tensorflow Developer Certificate Preparation

Hi everyone!

I recently joined the forum and I’m preparing for the Tensorflow Developer Certificate exam. I looked around the internet and found some blogs and videos regarding this exam. I am currently going through the Tensorflow Developer Professional Certificate course on Coursera. I’m planning to take the test next month.

I am creating this thread so that people can share the resources and their experience at a single place. I will be updating this post with my experience of the exam soon!


I am tagging people I know who have passed this exam and written about it.


Request you to share your experience and guidance for this exam. And tag more people who have passed this exam!

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I have summarized that in this thread:


thank you for the topic, I feel that this certification will become mandatory, as for the Jetson at Nvidia

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Apply for Tensorflow education stipend. If selected you will get the Deeplearning.AI tensorflow developer course on coursera and a discount on exam fees. Also, you can go through this amazing book “Hands-on machine learning with sickit-learn, keras and tensorflow”. You can also go through some of the notebooks on kaggle or videos on Youtube.

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reference book “Hands-on machine learning with sickit-learn, keras and tensorflow”


Thanks for the info @Himanshu_nitrr. Although I have already paid for the exam fees. But this is definitely helpful information!
And I am referring to the deeplearning.ai course you mentioned for preparation right now. Thanks for suggesting the book.


I have tried to summarize my experience and some reading material I quickly went through a day before the exam:


I got certified today!

The Deeplearning.ai specialization mentioned above is definitely helpful in passing the exam.
My only tip would be to NOT use large and complex models or you might run into issue with the submission.

Thank you everyone for all the help shared on this thread. More details on my certification here : Aditya Sharma on LinkedIn: TensorFlow Developer Certificate • Aditya Sharma • TensorFlow | 24 comments


Hey. I wanna start tomorrow the exam for the TensorFlow developer certificate. It is tensorflow 2.5 required. I have a Mac with M1 and only tensorflow-macos runs on the machine. Does somebody knows if it is still possible to use tensorflow-macos with installing the plugin or is it only possible to use tensorflow 2.5 . If I can use only tensorflow 2.5 somebody knows a solution how to run this version on an M1? Thank you.

Hi @Max_Hager, you can check the doc Set up your environment to take the TensorFlow Developer Certificate Exam.

To append the thread about the exam preparation resources, I also wrote about the exam: How I got TensorFlow Developer Certificate.

But there is no information about the Mac M1 (in the link which you send).

Check out this issue( Overwhelming issues on Mac M1 with newest TF 2.5), some comments may help. Or this too. Or this articulated blog: How To Install TensorFlow on M1 Mac

I dont have a problem with running tf on my mac its just the problem that the autograding from the exam is in tensforflow not in tensorflow-macos.

Ohh, so sorry, Hager. I got you wrong.

The best person to help is probably from the TF team. Maybe @Laurence_Moroney

Hi @Max_Hager – I’d check with the TF Certificate support line for the latest with the exam and M1, sorry!

Their email is in the handbook

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I have a question about the tensorflow developer certificate! The handbook mentions that we can use ‘whatever learning resources you would normally use during ML developing work’. I’m not sure how much that means. Does that mean I can look at my google colab files I used to prepare this certificate? Or does that mean guidebooks like tensorflow API is only available?


Does that mean I can look at my google colab files I used to prepare this certificate? Or does that mean guidebooks like tensorflow API is only available

yes, you can refer google colab files.

For those looking how to run the TF Exam on a M1 Mac machine, I have covered this in a somewhat older article. I also had some troubles, but solved them by switching the environment during the exam, and using Colab to do the computation:

(Use this link as an alternative)