Tensorflow Example output to Browser Help


I have TensorFlow Lite installed on my Rpi 3B+ and I am trying to get the output of the example program Detect_Picamera to stream it to the wifi so it can be access by a web browser.

I have figured out how to get the general camera date to stream using ‘camera.start_recording()’, but I am unsure how to get the camera with the annotated TensorFlow data to stream.

I am hoping I can get a bit of guidance. I am using the ‘detect_picamera’ as a base and trying to add/modify with.

with picamera.PiCamera(resolution=‘640x480’, framerate=24) as camera:
output = StreamingOutput()
camera.start_recording(output, format=‘mjpeg’)
address = (’’, 8000)
server = StreamingServer(address, StreamingHandler)

I would be thankful for any assistance.