Tensorflow gpu serving without docker on "windows"

WSL2 Is stable now so I think the stackoverflow topic is outdated.

What do you mean by stable? Are you saying we can do the tf gpu serving without registering in windows insider program?


Thanks, Stefano. I think I have not made myself clear. I have installed WSL2. But for tf serving, the documentations say the best way to do is using docker image. For that, I have to install nvidia-docker. But again for installing nvidia-docker in WSL2, this documentation says the system should be registered in windows Insider program, which my org doesn’t allow me to do. Are there any other ways to do tf gpu serving without docker.

For that one yes, on Windows 10 you need insider or you need to use Windows 11.

You could try to build It from sources on Windows adapting the Docker source build guide but It is not offcially supported:

This helps! Thanks a lot, Stefano!

If you can complete the build please leave a comment with your solution also in: