Tensorflow-gpu2.4,cuda11.0,appear SubProcess ended with return code: 4294967295

My environment is win 11
cuda 11.0
cudnn 8.0
Training all of them are: tensorflow/core/platform/Windows/subprocess. The cc: 308] subprocess ended with return code: 4294967295

I saw some people on the Internet say that cuda11.1 ptxas.exe instead of cuda11.0 ptxas.exe is OK, I tried it and did not work, the problem still exists.
Is this a bug? Can we solve it now

Hi @leiyu_chen

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There might be version mismatch of required libraries. Please check this TF tested build configuration to find the correct compatible libraries version to be supported for the TF GPU configuration. You can follow the stepwise instructions mentioned in this TF install doc to install TensorFlow with GPU in your system.

Please let us know if you still face the same issue. Thank you.