Tensorflow-io-gcs-filesystem with Windows


I’m using in a Python 3.10 project tensorflow-io-gcs-filesystem 0.33 as transitive dependency of a library. As build tool I’m using Poetry. Under Linux / OSX everything workfs fine, but I try to build / run my tool under Windows (I’m using Gitlabs Windows Shared Runner).

During “poetry install” the installation breaks:

Installing tensorflow-io-gcs-filesystem (0.33.0)
Unable to find installation candidates for tensorflow-io-gcs-filesystem (0.33.0)
C:\Python310\lib\site-packages\poetry\installation\chooser.py:76 in choose_for
73| links.append(link)
75| if not links:
76| raise RuntimeError(f"Unable to find installation candidates for {package}")
78| # Get the best link
79| chosen = max(links, key=lambda link: self._sort_key(package, link))

How can I build my system on Windows / install the correct dependency?
Thanks a lot

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Welcome to the Tensorflow Forum,

It’s seems to me the version incompatible with the tensorflow version you’re trying to install. Please take a look at compatible versions.

Thank you!

I’m using in my project these tensorflow-* packages

tensorflow                        2.11.1
tensorflow-estimator              2.11.0
tensorflow-io-gcs-filesystem      0.33.0
tensorflow-probability            0.19.0

it’s not problem of compatibility, this package is just missing a windows build, see tensorflow-io 0.32.0 release · Issue #1789 · tensorflow/io · GitHub
the tensorflow-io-gcs-filesystem works only up to 0.31.0 for windows and they don’t have newer builds