Tensorflow-macos runs behind tensorflow #macos


I’ve noticed that the the prebuilt package for tensorflow-macos released up until the version 2.11.0 (as of now: tensorflow-macos · PyPI) while the package tensorflow’s latest release is 2.12.0 (tensorflow · PyPI).

This is a pretty significant difference. Especially given that the version of the third party dependency protobuf changed from 3.9.2 (tensorflow/workspace2.bzl at v2.11.0 · tensorflow/tensorflow · GitHub) to 3.21.9 (tensorflow/workspace2.bzl at v2.12.0 · tensorflow/tensorflow · GitHub).

I was wondering when we can expect macos build for version 2.12.0?

Additionally, I can see that the tensorflow packages are built using these containers: tensorflow/tensorflow/tools/tf_sig_build_dockerfiles at master · tensorflow/tensorflow · GitHub I was wondering how the tensorflow-macos packages are built?

Thank you.


Welcome to the Tensorflow Forum!

tensorflow-macos 2.12 is now available and it is maintained by Apple.

Please refer to the tools for building the official tensorFlow pip package tensorflow/BUILD at master · tensorflow/tensorflow · GitHub

Thank you!

Wow, thank you, that was fast!