TensorFlow Quantum Google Colab notebooks broken

None of the TensorFlow Quantum tutorials are functional when you follow the google colab link. For example, Hello, many worlds  |  TensorFlow Quantum. I’ve seen many github posts about this but no working fixes. Does anyone have any suggestions? I used to use google colab for some light TFQ examples but they are all broken now.

Hi @Josh_Dees & Welcome to the TF forums.
It looks like there is a series of version issues in there.
Colab notebooks run with Python 3.10 that TFQ doesn’t yet support (and/or the other way around). So, first thing probably is downgrading Python to the msot recent appropriate version (e,g, following instructions from stackoverflow. Next, would be installing TF and TFQ versions that works fine with that Python version.
On my side, I tried out quite a lot of Python / TF / TFQ versions but couldn’t get it working unfortunately.

Hello, I tried the same things but I could never get Google Colab to find the TensorFlow Quantum package for install, I was also having issues finding the older versions of TensorFlow to install. Is there anyway to get TensorFlow quantum devs to take a look at this? Thanks

There are at least already two related issues on github.

In the meantime, maybe you can try to setup a working environment on a local machine as opposed to using Colab?