TensorFlow serving on docker

Hi all,

I am working on a prototype and want to deploy a model on TF Serving on docker.
My model is built and saved. I have dowloaded the docker serving images but it seems to not run properly on Mac M1. So I built a new container.
It looks like my image is built, and starting.
I can see my model has been saved in it. However, when I try to access it on port 8501, nothing. I get a “Can’t open the page” message. there is nothing in Docker log…
Also, it seems to be running 100% of CPU… (left it running for about 20mns and cpu usage didn’t decrease…

Any idea what could be the issue or what I can check?


Hi @Lars_UK, At present Tensorflow serving on docker is not supported on M1. The team is already working to bring tensorflow serving docker support on Macs. Please refer to this github issue for further updates.Thank You.