TensorFlow Tutorials For Local Device


I was looking at tutorials on how to set up and get started with TF, but there’s always some part of the tutorial that doesn’t work on my computer. Are there any “start from scratch” tutorials out there?


Hi @Lordeevee

Please provide us some more details in this issue. In which part of TF tutorial you are facing this issue and what doesn’t work. Thank you.

I’ve been struggling with the installation part;

I watched a few tutorials that used the anaconda terminal to install it, and I did not have much luck.
I also saw another tutorial that just installed Tensorflow onto Pycharm environment.

I don’t know whether anything needs to be installed onto my local device for Tensorflow to work…
Any tips?


@Lordeevee , Please follow this official page of TensorFlow install to install TensorFlow in your system if you are using Windows OS. You can also check the installation guide for other system OS guide as mentioned in the same link.

Please check the Hardware/ Software requirement are satisfied as mentioned in the same link to install TensorFlow and follow the step by step instructions. Let us know if the issue still persists. Thank you.