Tensorflowjs_converter installation issues May 2024

I seem to be getting errors recently when installing tensorflowjs to use the tensorflowjs_converter. Is anyone else having similar issues?

I know things are not working, when I try:

tensorflowjs_converter --help

and get multiple errors.

My basic commands should be just

pip install tensorflow
pip install tensorflowjs

Everything works fine with iPython or Gitpod which are both cloud solutions, but trying locally on both windows and ubuntu seems to get errors even if I try installing older versions. Does anyone have a suggestion?

What I am trying to do is to convert a TFJS model into keras and then into tFlite which I can then use xxd to convert it into a c-header file for use on microcontrollers. (Seems a long process but actually works fine.) I just can’t seem to do it on a local device.

Here is a working iPython account Google Colab

And here is a working gitpod repository and full gitpod (gitpod is like a browser based docker, so it auto loads tensorflow, tensorflowJS and a bash file to help with model.json conversions)

What python version are you using for the installing on the windows pc?
You can try different versions of python too.