tensorflowJS: unable to do text generation using models like gpt2 in nodejs

hi all, i have just started ML.

so now my task is to make chatbot using models(locally in our system for data privacy) like gpt2 or any other(works good or can do job done) that available on internet and then train or fine tune them by our own datasets . so that can perform according to our requirments.

Now, all i have to do this in javascript or nodejs (NOT PYTHON).

so, till now i have gone through tensorflow.js docs and as stated there i have downloaded models (gpt2) in .h5 format from huggingface and then converted in tf.js format(json and bin files) and now i want to use this model for text generation but unable to find any code or resource for this

so my first question → is that possible to make chatbot with fine tunning from tensorflow.js in nodejs or not.

if yes,then pls do tell what i m doing wrong and what i should do or any resource or any library other than tensorflow.js to make this work done.

only pyhon is the way to this things or we can do in javascript also??