TF 2.12 not able to find GPU on UBUNTU

Hi there,

i trying to setup tensorflow on my ubuntu machine and tensorflow is still unable to find my gpu(GA106 [GeForce RTX 3060 Lite Hash Rate])
all i get is this message:
2024-01-15 13:49:39.163954: I tensorflow/core/platform/] This TensorFlow binary is optimized to use available CPU instructions in performance-critical operations.
To enable the following instructions: AVX2 FMA, in other operations, rebuild TensorFlow with the appropriate compiler flags.
2024-01-15 13:49:39.723932: W tensorflow/compiler/tf2tensorrt/utils/] TF-TRT Warning: Could not find TensorRT
2024-01-15 13:49:40.273875: E tensorflow/compiler/xla/stream_executor/cuda/] failed call to cuInit: CUDA_ERROR_SYSTEM_DRIVER_MISMATCH: system has unsupported display driver / cuda driver combination
2024-01-15 13:49:40.273906: I tensorflow/compiler/xla/stream_executor/cuda/] retrieving CUDA diagnostic information for host: B450M-H
2024-01-15 13:49:40.273921: I tensorflow/compiler/xla/stream_executor/cuda/] hostname: B450M-H
2024-01-15 13:49:40.273986: I tensorflow/compiler/xla/stream_executor/cuda/] libcuda reported version is: 520.61.5
2024-01-15 13:49:40.274009: I tensorflow/compiler/xla/stream_executor/cuda/] kernel reported version is: 535.146.2
2024-01-15 13:49:40.274019: E tensorflow/compiler/xla/stream_executor/cuda/] kernel version 535.146.2 does not match DSO version 520.61.5 – cannot find working devices in this configuration
Num GPUs Available: 0

I already tried docker and dnf commands from other trouble shooting forums wich did not help as they just did not work or stated that there are no repos available so i am at the beginning wondering how i can get tf to see my gpu
Thank you in advance!

Hi @Christian_Jaspert

Welcome to the TensorFlow Forum!

Could you please follow the instructions mentioned in this TensorFlow Install official link to install TensorFlow with GPU support in your system. Please ensure that you have installed the correct version of Nvidia Driver, Supported CUDA, cuDNN as per your system configuration and installed TensorFlow/Python version by checking the given Hardware/Software requirements in the same link.

Let us know if this issue still persists. Thank you