TFjs model on webpage app accessible?

Is it possible to have a tfjs model on a webpage that is accessible, on in react? For instance if there was a a object recognizer or something on a webpage that was built by me using a tfjs model, can i just put that link in the react native app, that a user can press and be able to use it as if it were a webpage on my laptop, leveraging the same model? just with video stream coming from iphone and android rather than webcam?

TensorFlow.js runs anywhere JavaScript can run so yes that includes mobile devices via the mobile browser too.

On Android getUserMedia is very well supported - you can access front or rear facing cameras with out issue. On iOS you will need to use mobile safari possibly as iOS ecosystem is very closed, but it does work! You can check websites like can i use for support: getUserMedia/Stream API | Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc

If you are using in native application then I believe you would need to use react native implementation of TFJS to do so:

Like this guy did:

OK COOL! That was my main concern is, is it possible for users to view such a website and use features and functionality on their iphones and androids on their mobile browsers.

If you use a regular webpage then they just need to use Safari mobile on iOS for it to work I believe. On Android you can use pretty much any browser (Firefox Mobile, Chrome Mobile etc).

If you do not need the “Native app” then this would be my preference as web apps are just as powerful for many things these days. Also consider PWAs:

But you would need to check support on iOS for that.

If you do need “native app” then your best bet is React Native that I linked above.

The react native app im building is gonna be built using expo, so all code would be included in the expo app.