Tflite GPU delegate issue

My android app fails to use gpu delegate with following error :

Log cat:
Following operations are not supported by GPU delegate:
DELEGATE TfLiteXNNPackDelegate: Operation is not supported.
1 operations will run on the GPU, and the remaining 2 operations will run on the CPU.
2023-07-20 14:40:04.765 9903-10267 Can not open OpenCL library on this device - undefined symbol: clGetCommandBufferInfoKHR
2023-07-20 14:40:04.765 9903-102E/tflite: Falling back to OpenGL

Same model works fine with benchmarking tool provided by tensorflow lite. Can any faces similar issue where app fails to use GPU delegate



Welcome to the Tensorflow Forum,

If you are using android 12 and above, please add the following lines in the android manifest file to detect the GPU.

<uses-library android:name="[](" android:required="false"/> 
<uses-library android:name="[](" android:required="false"/>

Thank you!