Tflite model arises Exception: Ops not found

Can anyone help me! I converted tensorflow model to tflite model which contains LSTM layer. When I try to use the tflite model in tensorflow interpreter in C#, I get the error named Exception: Ops not found. Can anyone figure this out!!

Make sure you are using the latest version of the TensorFlow Lite interpreter in your C# application. Newer versions often include support for additional operations and bug fixes that may address the issue you’re encountering

Thanks @Neil_Son, I am using tflite interpreter version 2.15.0, provided by com.github.asus4.tflite. but still I get this error

To resolve the “Ops not found” exception with your TensorFlow Lite model containing an LSTM layer, ensure all operations are supported by TensorFlow Lite during conversion. Use the latest TensorFlow version, set the conversion options to include necessary operations (TFLiteConverter with supported_ops), and verify your C# TensorFlow interpreter supports these operations. If issues persist, consider simplifying your model or implementing custom operations.