TFX API Documenation

Hello, I am learning about tfx and am wondering if the tfx API Documentation: TFX API Reference | TensorFlow is not maintained? I am reading the tutorials and I do not see a few of the imports in the API. For example, the in the Interactive tutorial: TFX Keras Component Tutorial | TensorFlow there is no “orchestration” module documented in the API to my knowledge (however if you run it in colab it works):

Another example could be an import in a different tutorial as "from tensorflow_transform.beam as tft_beam. The API documentation gives it just as “tft_beam” so does it just assume the tensorflow_transform.beam is imported as “tft_beam”?

Thanks for reporting this, we’ll look into it. In the meantime you can refer to the comments in the code for more information.

Hello @Robert_Crowe,

Wow that’s awesome! Thanks for looking into that. By the way, the way I am actually learning is from your course on Coursera lol!

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