TFX BulkInferrer: How to save results in BigQuery?

Hi All,
I am looking for a method to save the prediction results from TFX BulkInferrer component into BigQuery but I couldn’t find any documentation. I had the impression that it should be a straight forward solution for this standard usecase.
Also I was trying to read the prediction results but neither for this task I couldn’t find any example.
I am using tfx 1.12.0 and the component is part of a TFX pipeline which runs with Kubeflow orchestrator.

Thanks in advance for any sugestion.

To save prediction results from the TFX BulkInferrer component into BigQuery, you can follow a general approach that involves a few steps. Since you are using TFX (version 1.12.0) and running your pipeline with the Kubeflow orchestrator

Hi, I am looking for a concrete code example. Could you please indicate one in case you know it?