Traveling Salesman Problem, multiple features with ragged tensor

Hello, I am trying to solve traveling salesman problem TSP, finding the shortest route between locations [location id, coord x, coord y]


But there could be more than 3 locations to be inputted so I found tensor.ragged
This is for training 2 and 3 locations TSP,

outputs= tf.ragged.constant([[[0,0],[3,0]],#a,b
model = tf.keras.Sequential([
    tf.keras.layers.Input(shape=[None], dtype=tf.int64, ragged=True),
model.compile(loss='mean_absolute_error', optimizer='rmsprop'), outputs, epochs=5)

But I got this error, how to tell dense layer it is ragged tensor? Or specifically, how to build the layer? Thank you

    raise ValueError('The last dimension of the inputs to a Dense layer '
ValueError: The last dimension of the inputs to a Dense layer should be defined. Found None. Full input shape received: (None, None)