Unable to use gpu

I have following below specs of my laptop can anyone help me to redirect which cudnn and cuda toolkit will work, I am tired of this installation, i tried with 11 and 12 version but nothing worked as gpu is still not getting detected.

Laptop specs:
os: windows 11
GPU: RTX 3060 (16 GB)
tensorflow of current version.

Sorry for this naive question, very new to Data science.


Welcome to the Tensorflow Forum!

GPU support on native-Windows is only available for 2.10 or earlier versions, starting in TF 2.11, CUDA build is not supported for Windows. For using TensorFlow GPU on Windows, you will need to build/install TensorFlow in WSL2 or use tensorflow-cpu with TensorFlow-DirectML-Plugin.

You can refer below image for officially tested build configuration for Windows

Thank you!