Upcoming TensorFlow 2.14 Branch Cut & Release Dates

Hi All,

Here is the timeline for the upcoming TensorFlow 2.14 release:

  • Branch Cut Week - 27th July - 2nd August
  • RC0 Release Targeted for - 3rd August
  • RC1 Released Targeted for - 14th August
  • Final Release Targeted for - 6th September

The last date to submit changes is July 26th, 2023. Please note that we will cut the branch on the first occurrence of all green builds during the branch cut week, and the timeline might shift slightly based on it. After July 26th, there is no guarantee for new code to be included/cherry picked.

Additionally, we plan to have only two release candidates RC0 and RC1 and the final release is expected to be wrapped up by the first week of September.

Please let me know if you have any questions. If there are any major changes to the timeline, I will post here.



Is there an update on this timeline?


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