Wanted: Information about keras tuner log files

I’m trying to find out the content within the binary logs created by keras tuner when running the Bayesian optimizer. In particular, what is in the log file checkpoint.data-00000-of-00001? This file is quite large and is filling up my memory after about 300 trials, hence causing my run to crash? I set up a chron job to delete this file from each trial directory, thus preventing my memory from being exhausted? Can I safely do this or am I fouling up the tuning process by deleting this large-ish binary?

In case anyone was interested, I discovered that the binary file “checkpoint.data-00000-of-00001” contains the model weights.

I can’t imagine that deleting the files containing the model weights would have any effect on the tuning process, but that’s just an educated guess. If anyone knows different, please advise.