Webgpu Dependency conflict

Hi, I installed tfjs and handpose, but it’s giving me this err:

Error: node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs-core/dist/tensor.d.ts:18:23 - error TS4090: Conflicting definitions for '@webgpu/types/dist' found    

There is a dependency conflict, in package.lock.json I have this in one place

"node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs/node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs-core": {
        "@webgpu/types": "0.1.21",

and this in another one

"node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs-core": {
        "@webgpu/types": "0.1.16",

My conclusion is that it’s Tensorflow.Js’s problem, because just by installing tfjs and tfjs-models/handpose, there’s already a problem with dependencies. Please, someone who’s experienced, tell me the solution

@Matthew_Soulanille Any ideas why WebGPU errors would be coming in Node?

May be related to other recent posts on this subject too eg: