Someone P L E A S E help ! ! !!

Hi, I’m trying to install Tensorflow.JS with its HandPose model, like this:

npm i @tensorflow/tfjs @tensorflow-models/handpose

It has no problem, they’re installed, but then I get this:

Error: node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs-core/dist/hash_util.d.ts:2:49 - error TS2304: Cannot find name 'Long'.

2 export declare function hexToLong(hex: string): Long;

Error: node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs-core/dist/hash_util.d.ts:3:69 - error TS2304: Cannot find name 'Long'.

3 export declare function fingerPrint64(s: Uint8Array, len?: number): Long;

Error: node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs-core/dist/tensor.d.ts:18:23 - error TS4090: Conflicting definitions for '@webgpu/types/dist' found    

Error: node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs/node_modules/@tensorflow/tfjs-core/dist/hash_util.d.ts:2:49 - error TS2304: Cannot find name 'Long'.  

2 export declare function hexToLong(hex: string): Long;

The type: Long problem, I fix it by setting it to type any by hand, but the

Conflicting definitions for '@webgpu/types/dist' found 

error, I just can’t fix that. Is there someone who can help?
Thank you.

I don’t know anything about JS, but maybe you need a package for Long?

These may be just declaration files they wrote for programs without type definitions (nor written in TS) that they patched to make it a bit better.

This won’t really affect your code. I would try adding this to your typescript tsconfig.json file:

      "skipLibCheck": true,


Let us know what happens please.

The main problem I have is this error: Conflicting definitions for ‘@webgpu/types/dist’ found;

And to fix it I did:

npm i @tensorflow/tfjs-core@latest

Which installed it and the webgpu error was fixed, but after that I couldn’t even install ngx-webcam for example, which doesn’t have to do anything with tfjs. Oh and I’m using Angular I forgot to mention that.

Could you please tell me what version of TS/Angular is compatible with tensorflow/tfjs & tensorflow-models/handpose?

No idea about Angular or any frontend library honestly. Sounds like all the question in the OP are solvable just googling imho.

Yeah if Googling worked I wouldn’t post this here :smiley: Can’t find a solution so the only thing I’ve left is give up

If you write an MWE or link to a repo I can take a look