Weird Error on Importing Tensorflow (TPU enabled)

In reference to the attached file, though TensorFlow is working. But why it is generating on TPU?


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Could you please share steps to reproduce the issue reported here? I just tested on Colab and I didn’t see any logs as you mentioned.

Thank you!

Thanks for the reply.

Actually, I’m using Kaggle. CPU/ GPUs, still there is a warning message including the shared log.


TensorFlow Addons (TFA) has ended development and introduction of new features.
TFA has entered a minimal maintenance and release mode until a planned end of life in May 2024.
Please modify downstream libraries to take dependencies from other repositories in our TensorFlow community (e.g. Keras, Keras-CV, and Keras-NLP).

For more information see: TensorFlow Addons Wind Down · Issue #2807 · tensorflow/addons · GitHub